To ensure that the parts deliver precise specified properties, chemically pure raw materials with the best possible granular structure are used.



Made from Bauxite, using the Bayer process, very pure Alumina of purity levels of 99.999% is obtained. Many applications use pure alumina for its chemical purity and properties. However, residues from foreign oxides like, SiO2, Fe2O3, NaO, MgO & CaO are used in various ratios determined by their subsequent use of Alumina.


Zirconium Oxide

Crucibles for refractory industries & wire drawing cones are some products made from Zirconium Oxide. Available in Yttria & magnesia doped from 3%-8%. Ceramic Cutter & Knives are made from Y-TZP.

Parts made from Zirconium Oxide – Advanced Tubes, Compressor components, Cutters, Dental Ceramics, Drawing Tools, Forming Applications, Seal Rings, Wire Drawing Components, Substrates, Valves,


Silicon Nitride

Pure Silicon when reacts with Nitrogen or Ammonia at 1000-1400°C creates Silicon Nitride. Silicon is obtained from quartz sand.

Parts made from Silicon Nitride  – Bearing Rollers, Centering Pins, Ceramic Cutting Materials, Nozzles, Seal Rings, Tubes, Valves & Welding Applications.


Aluminum Titanate

Alumium Titanate is nest known for its excellent thermal shock properties. Parts made from it can withstand even the highest temperature changes of several hundred degrees without any damage. Although the material is known to have low strength.

Parts made from Aluminum Titanate – Ceramic Tubes, Riser Tubes, Dosing Tubes, Tubes & Pipes


Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide almost behaves like diamond. It is very light, yet very hard and has excellent thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion is very resistant to acids & lyes.

Parts made from Silicon Carbide – Advanced Tubes, Bearings, Compressor Components, Mechanical Engineering, Pump Components, Seal Rings

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Alumina 92​

Alumina 95​

Alumina 99.7​

Alumina 99

Zirconia Toughned Alumina