The company earlier known as “Hi Tech Ceramics” started in 2002 with the production of Ceramic Injection Molded Parts and now has become the leading supplier of Ceramics Injection Molded Parts in India and many parts of the world. Today, it is has become a leader in CIM, providing precision components to customers in more than 50 Countries in America, Europe and Asia. Phoenix Advanced Materials is a fully integrated Injection Molded Parts manufacturer with capabilities in Design, Tooling, Materials and Finishing operations.



In 2002, Phoenix Advanced Materials was started by Mr. Aarav Chandegra with his expertise in the field of Ceramic Components to manufacture precision complex shaped Ceramics via Ceramic Injection Molding. The motto was to provide Quality Indigenous and Import substitute Ceramic components to the Indian market.

The Today

Over the years, Phoenix Advanced Materials has grown its facilities to supply Ceramic Injection Molded components to worldwide customers in various Advanced Ceramic Materials. The facilities have expanded to incorporate the entire manufacturing cycle from beginning to end. Precision levels have been achieved to micron tolerances to manufacturing of parts of the sizes >1mm.

The Future

The company plans to become the leading supplier to the various industries as well as be a technological innovator in its product line. The company’s active R&D department will keep investing on the research of new materials as well as new production methods to produce parts which can be used in the various new requirements of the Industry 4.0 & future technologies.

Our business values

To achieve this goal, we must have a deep understanding of customer needs, use the most advanced manufacturing processes, employ talented people and apply our technical know-how to create a energetic atmosphere for innovation. As a result of this innovation, we provide our customers with higher value, better performance, faster turn-around and consistent, high quality products. We strive to continuously advance ourselves to serve our customers, employees, shareholders and society at large. We do so by following these simple values: Do what’s right, do it with excellence and do it with respect for others.